Friday, March 4, 2011

Mangement GUIs, GUIs, and more GUIs

A lot of the focus for the Share conference this week has been, naturally, on z196 and on z/OS V1.12. There's a lot of powerful new feature/function in both z196 and in V 1.12. And needless to say there have been quite a few interesting sessions covering many aspects of both areas this week.

A couple of sessions gave me an opportunity to get some real "hands-on" with some of the new GUI management technologies, zOSMF and the zManager GUI for Unified Resource Manager. The zManager exercise was interesting because it provided an opportunity to see just how one goes through the process of setting and allocating resources for the zBX blades in the new zEnterprise environment.

There were also quite a few sessions on zOSMF. zOSMF is the GUI extension to the original WLM ISPF based dialogs. It does provide a much needed face lift to the process of setting up and managing your WLM environment. Plus it provides other functions. For an overview of zOSMF as of z/OS V1.12, here is a link to a Share presentation from last summer that covers it well:

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