Friday, January 21, 2011

An even cooler SOAP example

So far I've shown examples of how you can use the SOAP client to issue SOAP requests into the ITM infrastructure and the results of those requests. But, there is quite a bit more you can do with the SOAP interface. For example, you can issue a SOAP request from the 'Action' tab in the situation editor. In other words, when a situation is true, OMEGAMON can automatically execute a SOAP request.

Here I show an example of how this is done. When my EW_DB2_Test situation is true it will issue the following command (note - the XML file needs to be in the -hilev-\CMS\html directory):


In the example I show that when EW_DB2_Test is true it will execute an XML file, and within that XML file it will issue the CT_Activate method, and it will work similar to the example on my earlier CT_Activate post.

Once you know how to set this up, it's easy and works quite well.

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