Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another SOAP example - CT_Activate

Here's another interesting example of what you can do with the SOAP interface to ITM. The CT_Activate method allows you to activate a situation. In the example I show how you can activate a situation called EW_Demo_Sit.

In the SOAP IE client I select the CT_Activate method. In the payload field I enter the XML detail for the method (the hub, the name of the situation, etc.). Once I click 'Make SOAP Request' I then see EW_Demo_Sit being activated in the Tivoli Portal (see the example).

The CT_Activate method is a potentially useful way to start situations, when required. There is a corresponding CT_Deactivate method to use for stopping situations. Potential uses for this technique could include starting/stopping situations to manage alerts that are only required for certain time of day/day of week scenarios. This would be an alternative to using policies to manage the start up and shut down of situations. It works well, and it's convenient and easy.

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