Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's in OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10

As I mentioned yesterday, OMEGAMON XE For DB2 PM/PE V5.10 is now generally available, to coincide with the release of DB2 V10. OMEGAMON DB2 V5.10 is a very robust new release with a lot of interesting feature/function included within the tool.

Some of the enhancements include:
- Expanded support for end-to-end SQL monitoring via Extended Insight
- Expanded data shring group level support
- Spport and exploitation for DB2 10 for z/OS, including support for new and changed performance metrics, such as: Statistics (more buffer pools, virtual storage, 64bit values, SQL statement cache extensions), Accounting (Lock/latch wait time separated), New ZPARMS, Audit (various new DBA privileges), and Performance traces.

There are also interesting enhancements in the area of integrated monitoring, and integration with IBM Tivoili ITCAM.

There is quite a bit here, and I will be posting more detail on what is new and interesting in the tool.

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