Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adding z/VM and Linux on z to the monitoring mix

If you are running Linux on z, or thinking about Linux on z, be aware that there is an OMEGAMON solution crafted specific to the Linux on z environment. OMEGAMON For z/VM and Linux is an interesting tool in that it's an integrated tool that will monitor both the z/VM resources and activity, and the Linux systems running within that environment. OMEGAMON XE for z/VM and Linux is a Tivoli Portal based solution, which means that you can take the information from the monitoring processes and integrate it with information from other IBM Tivoli monitoring tools. Here I show an example of how you can integrate information from both z/VM and Linux with information from other z/OS monitoring (and for that matter non-z/OS too), and have it all on the same screen.

The big advantage of OMEGAMON for z/VM and Linux is the ability to easily integrate information using the Tivoli Portal. The tool pre-reqs the Performance Tool Kit, but other than that it installs very similar to any other Tivoli monitoring tool.

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