Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Introduction To System z Class

IBM will be offering an "Introduction To System z Overview" class in Chicago in May. I've looked over the class agenda, and it looks like a very good overview of the technical capabilities of z. The class is a 3 day event, May 25th through the 27th, at the Hyatt Center in downtown Chicago. It's intended primarily for "newbies" to z/OS. And the price is right. It's free!!!

Here's the topics to be covered:

Introducing the Mainframe Environment
o System z Architecture and Hardware
o z/OS Overview
o Systems Management
o Security Server
o TSO/E and ISPF
o UNIX System Services
o Working with Datasets
o Using JCL and SDSF
o Web-based Workloads
o Bulk and batch workloads
o ESB workloads
o Consolidated workloads (z/Linux and z/VM)
o Application Programming
o Transaction Management Systems
o Database Management Systems
o WebSphere Brand

For more information & where to register, please contact:
Ahsan Saiyed at 312-529-1602 or aksaiyed@us.ibm.com
Patrick Knott at 314-252-4069 or gpknott@us.ibm.com

First Come, First Serve enrollment.

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