Monday, March 22, 2010

Historical baselines in the TEP

ITM6.2.2 introduced several visual baseline functions to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. The list of baseline functions includes the following:

Model Situation - create a situation using historical data and statistical functions to “model” and select optimal threshold values

Statistical Baseline - enables the results of statistical functions to be drawn as lines in the chart to visually determine what is normal in an environment

Monitored Baseline - Situation thresholds can be visualized in a bar, area, or plot chart. Allows a user to track in real-time how a metric is performing relative to its threshold.

Historical Baseline - Work with detailed (not summarized) historical data from the data warehouse.

The example shown here shows a statistical baseline as applied to an OMEGAMON IMS repsonse time chart. Here we see, in the lower left corner of the workspace, an area chart of IMS response time, and then I added a statistical baseline of average reposnse time in the form of a line across the area chart. The line makes it easier to see when response time exceeds the average.

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