Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An easy way to generate OMEGAMON DB2 report JCL

OMEGAMON DB2 (the original Candle product) and IBM DB2 PM/PE were merged together into a single set of solutions a few releases ago. The current solution is now called OMEGAMON XE for DB2 PM/PE, to reflect that the tools have been merged.

When the merger occurred, the historical reporting mechanisms of DB2 PM/PE became the core historical functions of OMEGAMON DB2. If you were a new user to the solution, that meant you had to learn a new reporting language, and create new reporting JCL. But, there is an easy way to create OMEGAMON DB2 reporting JCL. If you invoke the ISPF interface that comes with OMEGAMON DB2, you have an option to generate reporting JCL using the ISPF interface.

The example shown here shows how you can invoke this function. You then specify what reports you want, and hit F5 to generate the JCL. You can then edit and submit the resultant JCL.

This is a convenient and easy way to get started with the history functions of OMEGAMON DB2, and quickly create reports using the tool.

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