Monday, February 15, 2010

View threads in a data sharing group from OMEGAMON classic

For those OMEGAMON DB2 users that run DB2 in a data sharing environment, this is an enhancement that was added a while back to the classic interface, but you may have not noticed. The top line of the classic interface is the command line. The left portion of the command line is where you can enter various commands, screen space names, and navigational commands. The data sharing group support added some options on the right portion of the command line. You can now specify the DB2 subsystem, and if you want a single system (S option) view, or the data sharing group view (G option).

In the example I show first, on the top left, a single system view (DB2S option S), and notice there are no threads to view. I then specify option G for the data sharing group view. Now I can see threads connected to the DB1S DB2 member in the data sharing group. Also, I can drill in for thread detail, just like any thread in the classic interface.

This is a handy navigation option that you may, or may not have noticed before.

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