Friday, February 19, 2010

ITM 6.22 changes history collection options

There are quite a few changes in the layout and appearance of the TEP with ITM 6.22. New icons, new screen layouts, a new tool bar layout, and new history collection setup is part of ITM 6.22. The screen shots I show here show an example of how the history setup is different with ITM 6.22. If you look at the example, you start with panel on the upper left, where you can select the type of agent for which you want to collect history. In the example I've selected z/OS. Underneath the z/OS selection you see several selections for which history collections have been enabled. When you click on one of the defined collection options, you see the other screen on the lower right. Here I've clicked on the distribution tab, and this is where you can specify what managed systems you want to collect history for.

With ITM 6.22, you have more history options, more flexibility, and more ways to control what history data you wish to gather, and how the data should be warehoused.

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