Thursday, February 11, 2010

Situation overrides provide added flexibility

I've talked before about situation management, optimizing situation usage to make situations more relevant, and doing things like using policies to manage situations, such as for time of day processing. If you are running ITM 6.21 or above you have the ability to take advantage of an interesting function called Overrides. The override mechanism provides a way to specify a different threshold settings for different requirements, such as Prime shift or Non-prime shift.

I include an example of how to use overrides. To access the override logic you have to go to the distribution tab for the situation editor, select a managed system and then click the override button. You can then specify the value setting, and here I specify if the setting is for Prime or Non-Prime shift. It's an interesting option, and I plan to work with it some more to see how it may be effectively exploited.

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