Thursday, January 7, 2010

Use Response Time (RTA) groups with OMEGAMON IMS and CICS

OMEGAMON XE for IMS and OMEGAMON XE for CICS provide powerful and useful Response Analysis and Bottleneck Analysis features. OMEGAMON XE for IMS and OMEGAMON XE for CICS each provide a mechanism to group together related transactions and programs, based upon the needs of the user and the nature of the applications being monitored. What this means is the user is able to optimize OMEGAMON to monitor and analyze CICS and IMS workload from the application perspective.
For example, the picture shows an example of how OMEGAMON IMS Bottleneck Analysis data is shown for transactions and programs related to the users ATM application. This means that when there is an issue with the ATM application, the user is able to determine the source of the potential bottleneck more quickly and precisely.

Definition of groups is driven by macro mechanisms, such as KOIGBLxx in OMEGAMON IMS, or may be specified in real time using OMEGAMON commands for 'on the fly' analysis.

The recommendation is to take advantage of this feature of the product to add more application relevance to the performance data. Many users simply do not exploit this feature.

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