Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Integration of IBM System Automation (SA) and ITM

In prior posts I've discussed the Tivoli Enterprise Portal as an integration point for a variety of IBM Tivoli solutions: mainframe monitoring, distributed monitoring, ITCAM, storage solutions, NetView, you name it. One of the more interesting integration points is how IBM SA, System Automation, integrates with IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) infrastructure. In IBM SA the INGOMX command has been enhanced to support sending commands in the form of XML requests to the SOAP server function of the TEMS (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server). What this means is that from SA you can issue commands such as:

CT_Alert - Raise an existing situation
CT_Reset -Close a situation
CT_Acknowledge - Acknowledge a situation event
CT_Resurface - Change an acknowledged event to open
CT_WTO - Send a Universal Message
CT_Activate - Start a situation or policy
CT_Deactivate - Stop a situation or policy
CT_Execute - Execute a file on the TEMS server

This provides a very nice interface that allows SA to interact very directly with the monitoring infrastructure, and allows for more sophisticated and robust automation. The SOAP interface of the TEMS is a powerful and interesting feature that is well worth looking at.

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