Friday, January 15, 2010

More on using policies in the TEP

Paul had a very good comment on the example that I used on policies managing the start/stop of situations. "ITM V6 has a new "Activity" located in the "Extensions" tab. It is called "Wait until a situation is False".I would add this to the policy after it starts the situation. Have it wait until situation EW_check_Prime_Time is False. This way , it will start the situation once and then wait. Without this, it will restart the situation each interval. (Interval of the situation EW_Check_Prime_time). This has two benefits. First, less overhead when you don't restart the situation every interval. Second, if the situation EW_Demo_DB2_Alert is true, restarting it would re-drive the event and make it fire True again."

Paul brings up a very valid point. If you referenced my article on policies (link on the right side of the page), I mention the loop aspect of policies and how it works relative to the interval defined on the situation. To control this loop mechanism, there is a feature I havent't really gone in to up until now, the "Wait Until xxx False" option. The example I show here demonstrates how it would be set up. In this example, we do the situation check, issue the command, then wait for the situation to go back to false before going back around to the start at the beginning of the policy again. This wait option is available from the "Extensions" tab in the policy editor.

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