Monday, February 24, 2014

Some observations so far from the Pulse conference.....

Well, I just attended the Pulse general session.  It's always interesting and educational, since it's here that you get a feel for the tone and perspective of what's happening technology and business wise.

There are some clear themes that I'm sure will be repeated often at the show.  The first one is, of course, cloud.  Cloud, and the support of cloud, will continue to be a dominant theme.  Along with SaaS (software as a service).  Look for much more to emerge from this paradigm.

Other buzz words to be aware of?  Mobile is one.  Mobile will be a pervasive them going forward, as is Open.  There has been a big emphasis on IBM adhering to open standards. 

From a specific technology perspective, what does this mean?  A couple things were mentioned.  One was Bluemix (a development environment based on open standards), and another was IBM's acquisition of Cloudant (a cloud based database service).

Bluemix sounds interesting, and if you want to learn more go to:

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  1. Hi Ed, appreciate your Pulse 2014 updates. I was able to meet you last year, but unable able to attend this go round.

    Your blog is a great resource that we're lucky to have, and your efforts are much appreciated. I wanted to check on your article from a while back on DB2 Thread Situations, but the link "is not found". I think we have customer in need of help in this area. Hopefully, those article links will be restored soon.
    Jim Belva/IBM


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