Thursday, February 27, 2014

More on Pulse

On Tuesday there was an interesting user session on OMEGAMON deployment.  Representatives from three OMEGAMON customers (Lockheed Martin, Total Systems, St of CA) led a Q&A session to discuss their deployment and usage of OMEGAMON in their respective shops. 

Two of the three shops reported that they have converted their install process to PARMGEN and have seen very good results.  Install times and maintenance windows have been reduced markedly by using PARMGEN processing.  Lockheed Martin has deployed the e3270ui and have already customized quite a few screens in the e3270ui.  They reported that screen customization seemed relatively easy and straightforward (although some screens can take longer).  State of California reported they have seen much benefit out of being able to deploy OMEGAMON and ITCAM using the Tivoli Portal and being able to present customized views to various user audiences, depending upon their respective requirements.  On the other hand, Total Systems still seemed to prefer traditional "green screen" approaches.

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