Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More on adding navigation options in e3270ui user interface

I showed you in a prior post how to add drill down navigation to a field or a set of fields on an e3270ui panel.  Now the next step is what if you want to add more options to a navigation popup on a panel?  Well, that's easy to modify too. 

In the panel code, when you have a popup defined you will see lines that show ACTION=  and then will reference the panel to navigate to.  You want to add an additional destination in the popup?  Just add another ACTION= option.  A popup can have up to 16 action options. 

Below is an example of a panel that has been customized to add some additional ACTION= options.

In the example you see the KEYCOLS statement, and then after that you see the ACTION= statement.  Each ACTION= shows the character you would use to select, the text that appears in the popup and the destination panel.  The ACTION= that are highlighted with arrows are the ones that have been added to the panel.

With the addtion of the additional ACTION= statements the panel changes as below.

The net is that by adding a statement you can easily add more navigation options.  In the example there have been several options added to the popup.

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