Thursday, May 23, 2013

A new fix for the Service Level Analysis (SLA) feature of OMEGAMON CICS

Service Level Analysis (SLA) is a nice feature of OMEGAMON CICS that breaks down and analyzes CICS workload, and shows % wait type information for that workload.  Looking at SLA can give you insight into where CICS workload bottlenecks may exist. 

Here's an example of OMEGAMON CICS SLA information.  In the example you see a variety of wait %s, including wait for using CPU, wait for DB2 and DL/I databases, wait for MRO, transient data temp storage I/O, and more.

As the panel header implies, OMEGAMON CICS SLA is gathered at the CICSplex level.  But, what if you want to collect information for some CICS regions in the CICSplex and not for others?  An OMEGAMON CICS collector task may collect information for many CICS regions on a given LPAR.

You can look at OA42104 to see that there is now a fix to provide that granularity and control. You can now collect SLA  information only for the regions you are interested in.  Here's a link for more information:

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