Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tivoli Pulse conference next week

If you happen to be in Las Vegas next week, the IBM Pulse conference will be taking place.  Pulse is IBM's annual all things Tivoli event.  There are quite a few sessions with z/OS specific content at Pulse.  Here's a list of the z-relevant sessions:

  • Analyst Insight: Importance of Service Management in integrating Mainframe into Cloud
  • System z Meet the Experts
  • The Power of Automation
  • Trends in System Automation on z for the Smaller Enterprise
  • Unlocking the power of System Automation 3.4
  • System and Batch automation integration
  • IBM & ISO Collaboration to Reduce TCO of Tivoli Suite of Products
  • Automating your IMSplex with System Automation for z/OS
  • The magic of Tivoli System Automation
  • Approaches to enterprise-wide monitoring and problem solving on z
  • Integrating Operational Tools Through NetView on z/OS
  • OMEGAMON XE what's new with z Monitoring
  • Integrating monitors and automation
  • Anatomy of a Disaster Averted: How Poland's Ministry of Justice Protected Its Registries
  • Customer migration experience from BMC IMF to Omegamon for IMS and System Automation on zOS
  • The OMEGAMON Mashup
  • Monitoring And Controlling Virtual Tape Units In A GDPS Environment
  • PARMGEN Configuration Method with OMEGAMON XE Migration from 4.2 to 5.1 User's Experience
  • zBx Automation with System Automation Application Manager
  • Integrated z/OS Storage Management - Providing a more efficient solution.
  • Customer panel discussion discussing value in System Automation for z/OS
  • Customer panel discussion discussing value in OMEGAMON v 5.1
  • IBM zEnterprise Automation & Availability
  • What's New in GDPS V3.10
  • Integrating automation between batch and transmissions
  • Building a Private Cloud on zEnterprise with Tivoli
  • How TCS integrated SA for z/OS health statuses into their operations console.
  • Applications modernization with improved visibility and control using TADz and CICS-IA: a customer story
I will be at the booth for the trade show.  If you are attending Pulse, feel free to stop by.

To attend Pulse, here's a link:

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