Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to know what maintenance level you are running

I had an interesting question from an OMEGAMON user recently.  If you apply maintenance to OMEGAMON and recycle the tasks, is there an easy way to tell if the new maintenance is being executed?

Well, fortunately there are some easy to find eye-catchers in the OMEGAMON RKLVLOG/SYSOUT output.  Logon on TSO and go to SDSF.  Depending upon the type of OMEGAMON task you may need to look in a different place.  For a TEMS or a TEMA task you would look at the RKLVLOG for the respective agents.  For a classic collector task you would look at SYSPRINT or JES messages.  Just go to the respective task and do a find on 'BUILD".  That's it.

Here's a z/OS example from the RKLVLOG of the TEMS (here you can see the TEMS is running at ITM 6.23 and has support for fixpack 1 included):

KDS Server Version: 623 Build: 12044 Driver: 'tms623fp1:d2050'

Here's an IMS example from the JES messages of the OMEGAMON IMS classic collector task:

OID100: OMEGAMON FOR IMS v510 (Build Level=20120723.1505) STARTED

Here's a DB2 example from the SYSPRINT of the OMEGAMON DB2 classic collector

FPEV0114I PTF BUILD IS 12.223 13:02:07

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