Thursday, November 15, 2012

Check out the Network Extended workspaces

If you have OMEGAMON Mainframe Networks, you have an opportunity to add a very nice set of field developed workspaces to your Tivoli Portal.  My colleague, Ernie Gilman, created these screens, and they have quite a few nice views and features.  The Network Extended workspaces provide a very powerful set of views of your z/OS network, plus adds a new FIND capability in the Portal.

It's easy to enable the screens.  You download the code, in the form of an XML file, and then issue a TACMD command to import the navigator item. 

Here's a link to download the  Network Extended screens (the link provides both the XML code and documentation:

If you are interested in a demo of the Network Extended workspaces, here's a link to a Youtuve video:

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