Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Powerful new 3270 displays with OMEGAMON Storage V5.1

OMEGAMON Storage V5.1 includes support for the new enhanced 3270 user interface.  The implementation of enhanced UI for OMEGAMON Storage is robust, and includes quite a few powerful new displays. 

One example of a very useful display that has been translated from the Tivoli Portal to enhanced 3270 UI is the Dataset Atttributes screen.  The Dataset Attributes Database is a feature of OMEGAMON Storage that helps you manage data sets. The database maintains attributes related to data set space, DCB, and catalog issues.  The database feature collects data regarding all data sets on all volumes in the z/OS environment (except for volumes that you have excluded) so that you can do analysis from a single point of control.  You can accomplish such tasks as identifying exception conditions regarding data sets throughout the environment, seeing an installation-wide view of data set space utilization, exceptional conditions, and summary statistics, and identifying resources that require attention, such as data sets that have excessive unused space, extents, or CA/CI splits.
  Here is an example of the Dataset Attributes screen in the enhanced 3270 interface.  Note how the display aggregates quite a bit of information together.  

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