Thursday, July 12, 2012

More TDW under the covers

Now that it appears data on z/OS Common Storage utilization is flowing to the TDW, be aware that there is information readily available to track on an ongoing basis the amount of data flowing to the TDW, and to show indications of potential issues with TDW history collection.

In the Tivoli Portal there are workspaces that show the status of the Warehouse Proxy, and also track history row processing counts and history collection error counts.  The example below shows the Warehouse Proxy statistics workspace. 

The rows statistics chart on the workspace shows the number of rows sent to the Warehosue Proxy and the number of rows inserted by the Warehouse Proxy to the TDW database.  Note there is a marked difference in this example between the number of rows sent and the number of rows inserted.  This indicates a potential issue where data is being sent to the Warehouse Proxy, but due to some issue the data is not making it into the TDW database.  Note also in the Failures/Disconnections chart there is a count showing failures with the TDW.

Now that we see there is a potential issue with data making its way into the TDW database, how do you get more information on what the problem may be?  First, you can look at the log for the Warehouse Proxy process.  Also, you can look at the Warehouselog table in the TDW database (this is assuming you have it enabled - be aware of an earlier blog post I made on this not being on by default in ITM 6.23).

I the following example I show information selected from the Warehouselog table in the TDW.  The Warehouselog table shows row statistics and error message information (if applicable) for each attempted insert to the TDW. 

In the example we see that the Common Storage table has 16 rows received and 16 rows inserted.  However, the Address Space CPU Utilization table seems to have an issue with 1 row received and one row skipped, and also an error message.  Analysis of the error message would give some indication as to why the TDW is having an issue.

As you can see there is quite a bit of information available to track the status and activity of TDW, and it is worth checking this information on an ongoing basis to ensure history collection is proceeding normally.

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