Thursday, July 5, 2012

A handy use for the TACMD command

TACMD is a handy tool with a variety of options for managing IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) configuration, setup and infrastructure.  TACMD may be seen as a Swiss army knife type of tool, with lots of options and uses.  For example you can use TACMD to manage, edit. delete, start, stop, export and import situations.  You can use TACMD to start/stop agents, manage managed system lists, and more. 

You can also use TACMD  to list out, export, and import workspaces defined to a Tivoli Portal.  Let's say, for example, you need to list out all the workspaces defined to the Tivoli Portal.  You may want to do that to determine what, if any, user defined workspaces have been added to the Tivoli Portal, and what they are called. The TACMD LISTWORKSPACES command allows you you to list out all the workspaces defined, and provides options to filter the display by application type or userid. 

Here's an example of how this is done, and what the output may look like.  In the example I show how you specify what portal server to access, and how you pass the userid and password (the one you would use to logon to the TEP) as part of the listworkspaces command.  There's one more trick I show in the example.  By adding   >workspaces.txt    to the end of the command, the command will direct it's output to a text file called workspaces.txt.  This is convenient since you can then search and edit the output of the command. 

TACMD LISTWORKSPACES is a convenient tool that allows you to identify what workspaces have been added and then plan for what workspaces you may need to backup, or import/export.

For more on TACMD, here's a link:

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