Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Share presentations in Atlanta

I'm also doing two presentations as part of the Share conference in Atlanta.  I'm covering two topics.  The first topic I presented on Tuesday and was titled  "Understanding The Impact Of The Network On z/OS Performance".  In this presentation I look at the overall application time line, and how the network and z/OS interact to impact that time line. Here's a link to the presentation:

I'm also doing a presentation on Thursday on "Understanding, Monitoring and Managing z/OS Enclave".  This is a new presentation I created that goes into a little more depth on the story behind enclaves, the various type and functions of enclaves, and how to monitor and manage enclaves.  Here's a link for the presentation material:

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  1. Hello Ed, I was looking for information on enclaves and I found your share presentation. It is very informative. When I opened it, I remembered being on the same team with you at Candle.

    Brian LeBlanc


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