Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Share conference

I was at Pulse last week.  This week I'm attending the Share conference.  Share is always one of my favorite events, and it never lacks for interesting topics and discussions. Just like with Pulse, "cloud' is one of the popular buzz words, and you see quite a few presentations with cloud as part of the topic. 

Here are a couple topics that are cloud related that you may find of interest.  The first is "The Cloud Computing Cookbook: The Hypervisor Side".  This presentation relates to the "Virtualization Cookbook" for System z, which in the past has been a Redbook, has been updated for 2012 and renamed "The Cloud Computing Cookbook".  Here's a link:


Another interesting presentation was "Don't Let the Cloud Fog Your Vision: An Update for the z/OS Sysprog".  This was a thorough conceptual overview done in the context of z/OS.  Here's a link:


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