Thursday, October 13, 2011

Setting auto update in the Tivoli Portal

So you have a workspace in the TivoliPortal that you want to run in auto update mode. You can go to options and specify the "refresh every" interval when viewing the display. But, if you navigate away from that display, refresh may be turned off when you navigate back. What do you do?

You can associate auto update being set to specific interval for a given workspace. All you have to do is specify the "refresh every" option, and then save the specific workspace in question. When you navigate and then come back, the refresh option will take effect again, as long as you have saved the workspace with that option enabled.

So the the auto update option can be associated with specific workspaces, which makes more sense than in classic interface, where it's on or off all the way for the session. For some screens you may want the option on, for others you may not.

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