Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New release of the zSecure security suite

On October 4, IBM announced a new release of the zSecure solutions (V1.13) to assist with compliance monitoring and auditing, audit usage and configurations, enforce policy compliance, help administer mainframe server security, and monitor for threats. zSecure can help to centralize and consolidate security administration, and to leverage the mainframe as the enterprise security hub.

The new release features the following line items which also enhance the security intelligence of CICS, IMS, and DB2 applications:

Automates security analysis of CICS and IMS transactions and programs
Automated analysis of SAF classes being used by DB2, CICS, or IMS
Enhances Access Monitor and allows you to improve data consolidation
Allows annotating userid displays with data from external human resource files
Globalization enhancements to support international language support and auditing
Allows addition of your own sensitivity classification, audit concern, and priority
Supports currency with z/OS V1R13, ACF2 R14 and R15, CICS V4R2, and Top Secret R12, R14, and R15
Extends integration with Communications Server and provides various interface improvements

If you are interested in zSecure here is a URL to check out:

Here's a link to a white paper on "Consolidating security across platforms with IBM System z":

Here's a link to a Red Book on "z/OS Mainframe Security and Audit Management using IBM Tivoli zSecure" :

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