Friday, April 8, 2011

Monitoring the z196 environment

During my webcast yesterday I discussed aspects and considerations of monitoring and management in the z196 environment. At this point, while Tivoli offers several packaged solutions oriented towards managing zEnterprise (Application Resilience for zEnterprise, Asset and Financial Management for zEnterprise, Application Management for zEnterprise, Security Management for zEnterprise), there is not, as of this writing, what I would call a z196-specific offering.

That statement being made, the next question is will you be able to monitor and manage effectively the z196 using Tivoli solutions? The answer is, of course you can. The nice thing about the Tivoli approach is if you've made an investment in OMEGAMON z/OS monitoring and ITM distributed monitoring, those solutions will work well in the zEnterprise environment. What makes Tivoli unique is the ability to monitor and manage many core operating system and software components from an integrated perspective. The Tivoli Enterprise Portal enables that integrated view, and works well with what makes the zEnterprise compelling, the ability manage diverse workload in a more integrated manner.

Here's an example of what you can do using the Tivoli Portal approach. What I did to create this monitoring view is I took a JPEG graphic that represented a typical z196, integrated it into a graphic view in a Tivoli Portal workspace, customized the navigation tree, added some other data to the workspace, and then pulled in icons onto the graphic view that represented resource status for various components in the environment. The ability to create these integrated views is what makes the Tivoli Enterprise Portal approach unique.

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