Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ITCAM For Transactions Robotic response time feature

ITCAM For Transactions is a very broad and powerful tool that combines many different capabilities for monitoring and analyzing composite transactions from an end to end perspective. In a post a couple months ago I had shown how you can use the HTTP data provider feature of the Universal Agent. It was fairly simple but useful in that you could track the response time and availability status of specific monitored URLs. If you thought that was an interesting feature, then you might be interested in the Robotic Response Time (RRT) feature of ITCAM for Transactions.

The RRT support for ITCAM for Transactions provides you with much more powerful and sophisticated robotic support. ITCAM comes with a subset of Rational Performance Tester and Rational Function Tester geared specifically to recording and creating robotic scripts for use by the ITCAM tool. You have quite a bit of flexibility to monitor various web pages and components, including being able to break transactions down into sub-transaction components.

Here's an example of just some of the data you get from the robotic support. In the example we see information such as, transaction status, transaction response time with detail (total response time, DNS time, client time, network time, server time, etc.), and transaction history with drill down for detail. You can also create situation alerts from the data. It's a lot of information, and can be quite useful for ongoing monitoring, trending, and application availability checking.

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