Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take advantage of snapshot history in OMEGAMON DB2

OMEGAMON DB2 has a very useful snapshot hsitory feature that is very granular and detailed. This particular history mechanism is different than the snapshot hsitory collected by the XE agent task for Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW) history collection. The OMEGAMON DB2 snapshot hsitory can be collected on a frequent basis, provides considerable information, and is very useful for problem analysis. To access the OMEGAMON DB2 snapshot history, you need to enable and install the PE GUI interface (and yes you have access to this tool regardless of whether you run the PM or PE version of the product).

The example I have here shows how you can use the tool. Here I show two different views of DB2 active threads. The top one is from the current view, and the other is from several minutes prior. To change the history view you move the scroll bar I have highlighted. What's neat is you can easily move the scroll bar back and forth to get different point in time views of the system.
This feature is very useful, in particular for analyzing those problem scenarios where being able to go back in time and see the mix of applications running at the same time is key to understanding what is going on.

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