Friday, September 10, 2010

OMEGAMON XE For Storage V4.20 Interim Feature 3 enhancements

OMEGAMON XE For Storage V4.20 Interim Feature 3 has some interesting new enhancements. Some of these enhancements include the following:

DFSMShsm Common Recall Queue support
Display request info for all queued and active requests in the CRQPlex on a single workspace
Enable cancelling HSM requests from the CRQPlex Request workspace - even across systems
Provide Storage Groups and User DASD Groups space used stats in units of tracks and cylinders Multi-volume datasets now displayed as single entity in the Dataset Attribute Database reports Reports will now contain a column indicating whether a dataset is multi-volume or not
For a multi-volume datasets, space data will be summarized in a single row
Ability to identify TotalStorage array problems at the ranklevel
Situation alerts for DDM Throttling, Raid Degraded condition and RPM Exceptions
Support for issuing Storage Toolkit commands at a group level

If you have OMEGAMON Storage, here is a link for more info:

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