Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using ITMSUPER to understand the cost of situation processing

ITMSUPER is an excellent tool that can provide tremendous insight into what is happening in the IBM Tivoli monitoring infrastructure. ITMSUPER is available from the OPAL web site (see the link to OPAL on the right of this page). OPAL is a good source of handy tools and other goodies. ITMSUPER is one of the most useful.

There are many uses for ITMSUPER, analyzing situation processing is just one. In the example I show some of the typical output from ITMSUPER. I clicked on the line in the middle of the display "Cost of running situations". This display shows information on what situations are running within the given agent (TEMA) task. Note that the display also provides information on the situation interval, number of rows processed for the situation, and a relative cost of running the situation per hour. This is very good information to use to determine which situations are potentially more costly to run than others.

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