Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMEGAMON DB2 Messages Workspace

OMEGAMON DB2 V4.1 added support for DB2 message logging and management to the Tivoli Portal as an interim feature. The DB2 message feature has some interesting and useful capabilities, such as highlighting application failure/abend messages and tracking Deadlock/timeout/escalation messages. The default workspace will show the last 10 messages, and will highlight typical problem messages. But, as with any Tivoli Portal workspace, you can easily customize the workspace to your specific requirements.

Another nice usage of the DB2 Messages workspace is the ability to create situations based upon DB2 messages. In the example I show here I created an alert based upon a DSNL027I message. Notice also that you can take advantage of the ability to highlight information, such as for the DSN3201I error message.

If you want to try out the DB2 Messages feature, but do not see any messages appearing in the workspace, check on the following command:

F cccccccc,F PESERVER,F db2ssid,DB2MSGMON=Y

where ccccccc is the OM DB2 collector task, DB2 ID would be the DB2 you want to collect messages from.

The above modify will enable message collection to occur, and you should be able to see data in the workspace.

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