Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Enhanced 3270 UI enables unique integrated monitoring views

One of the advantages of moving to the enhanced 3270 UI is its ability to allow you to create unique monitoring views.  Once you get used to the panel language, panel creation is a fairly easy process.  It's also easy to customize existing panels.

You can also create custom panels, such as the following, that allow you to integrate monitoring information from multiple sources onto a single panel.  It takes some additional setup and coding, but it's not that hard to create.

In the example I show a panel focused on monitoring a DBCTL environment.   DBCTL involves the interaction of CICS and IMS, so it's nice to have information from both monitoring sources pulled together.  This particular panel pulls in region and service level information from OMEGAMON CICS, as well as thread performance, bottleneck and lock conflict data from OMEGAMON IMS, all to a single screen.

In subsequent posts I will go through how I created this screen.

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