Thursday, January 16, 2014

Upcoming z Technology Summit events

Beginning next week there will be a series of z Technology Summit events at various cities in the US and Canada.  The z Technology Summit will provide multiple tracks and a set of updates on what's new and interesting in System z.

Here are the event tracks:
Track 1 - The Gold Standard for Enterprise Computing
Developed for: IT Management, IT Architects and Line-of-business Managers in zEnterprise installations
Track 2 - DB2 for z/OS® – The Database for Big Data and Analytics
Developed for: DB2 DBAs, database architects and Database Managers
Track 3 - Enterprise DevOps
Developed for: Software and application developers and testers, IT application architects
Track 4 - Middleware is the Growth Engine for the Mobile Revolution
Developed for: Application system architects, CICS programmers and administrators
Track 5 - Data Center Operations – Cloud and Systems Management Update
Developed for: Operations managers and system programmers

Washington, DC January 21, 2014
Costa Mesa, CA February 4, 2014
Chicago, IL February 12, 2014
Toronto, Ontario March 20, 2014

To attend here's a link:

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