Friday, December 6, 2013

Some handy navigation shortcuts in the e3270ui

There are some handy cross product navigation techniques available in the e3270ui.  One of the convenient aspects of the e3270ui is the ability to switch between monitoring tools (for example from DB2 to CICS, or CICS to z/OS, etc.) quickly and easily.  In Classic interface you may have to have multiple sessions going in multiple emulator windows to switch cross tool. 

In the e3270ui you may have noticed an entry on the tool bar line that says Navigate.  If you tab to and select Navigate, you will get a pull down menu that lets you select from one of the various tools available in the e3270ui installation. 

But, there are a couple short cuts.  First, you can enter N  and press enter to get the Navigate pull down.  Better yet, you can enter N.C, for example, to go to CICS, or N.Z to go to z/OS.  This way you skip having to go through the pull down menu.  Here's an example below:

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