Friday, October 25, 2013

OMEGAMON DB2 V5.2 is now GA!

It's always fun when you have a new version of OMEGAMON to talk about.  Now we have a new version of OMEGAMON DB2, OMEGAMON DB2 V5.2. 

OMEGAMON DB2 V5.2 comes with the usual list of enhancements and new capabilities you would come to expect with a new OMEGAMON.  Some of these new features include:
- Support for DB2 11
- Support for RID list enhancements
- Support for the deferred application trace feature moved from CUA
- Various enhancements to e3270UI
- Updated batch and real time support for IDAA
- Performance database improvements
- and much more.....

Here's a link to the announcement letter with more information:

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