Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back up your Tivoli Portal

I've encountered a couple situations related to this recently.  The Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server requires a database to store screens and various other information for Portal usage.  In most shops the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server  (the TEPS) is installed using DB2.  In DB2 there is a database called TEPS that contains this information. 

Like with any database, it is a good idea to have a process in place to back up the TEPS database.  What do you lose if you lose the TEPS database?  Well, you can lose your custom workspaces, along with a lot of other customized information and settings.  What happens if the server group decides to upgrade your TEPS server and does a complete re-install of DB2?  Depending upon how it's done if you don't have a good backup of your TEPS database you may lose valuable customization and information.

How can you backup the TEPS database?  There is a DB2 line command option to invoke the BACKUP command.  Here's a link to the documentation for the BACKUP command:

Note the database you would be backing up is called TEPS.

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  1. Typically I recommend to use the migrate-export.sh command for backup and migrate-import.sh for restore.


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