Monday, July 29, 2013

In case you missed the July 23rd announcements

If you missed the announcements last week, on July 23rd IBM announced a new zEnterprise server, the BC12. Here's a link to the announcement:

Some items to note from the announcement:

"The new zBC12 provides clients with superior levels of performance, flexibility and scale. Compared to its predecessor the z114, it boasts a faster processor at 4.2 GHz and two times the available memory; and, it allows clients to grow into their system with a pay-as-you-grow approach."

New innovations for the latest zBC12 and zEC12

"New hardware functions provide CPU and storage savings by compressing data on the server.  For example, there is a new high speed, low latency I/O connection for enabling up to an 80 percent reduction in network latency.  Also, with z/OS 2.1, IBM delivers not only performance and scale but simplified management with z/OSMF. There is also a new 2:1 ratio for zIIP and zAAP special purpose engines for improved workload economics. And with z/VM 6.3, clients can now consolidate up to 520 virtual servers in a single footprint with the increase in real memory and the new HiperDispatch function."

Oh, and also,

"For cloud, IBM enhanced the IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS family to detect performance problems in the cloud and minimize impact to the business and increase analytics visibility. "

Some interesting stuff, eh?

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