Thursday, December 13, 2012

New 3270 displays in OMEGAMON XE For Mainframe Networks V5.1

Like the other OMEGAMON V5.1's, OMEGAMON XE For Mainframe Networks V5.1 offers support for the new enhanced 3270 user interface.  So you get a whole new set of screens and displays for networks analysis.

If you recall the "Top Consumer" display in OMEGAMON z/OS, that screen shows the top consumers of CPU, memory, and I/O across the z/OS environment.  It's a good starting point for a top down idnetification and analysis of potential issues. 

The new KN3TAP0 screen serves a similar fiunction.  From this screen you can see a network application summary view, and also see network exceptions, such as connections with segments out of order, segment retransmission, and connections in backlog status.  These can all be indicators of potential issues that may require additional analysis. 

Here's an example of the KN3TAP0 display:

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