Monday, January 23, 2012

System z sessions at Pulse

The Pulse conference is coming up in March.  I had mentioned on an earlier post that AOTC is now part of the Pulse conference.  This is nice because it adds a lot of quality technical System z content to the Pulse event, and makes Pulse more than just a distributed focused show.
Thanks to my colleague, Ray Funderburk, for taking the time to compile this list of System z related sessions at Pulse. Check it out.

SPM-1909 Service Availability and Performance Management -- Track Kick-Off    
AOT-1138 Automated Operations Technical Council Opening  
MCA-1252 Simplifying Mainframe Compliance, Auditing, and Policy Enforcement for Enhanced Security Intelligence
SPM-1784 Importance of Service Management in integrating mainframe with distributed
Phil Murphy, Forrester Analyst and Mike Goodman on OMEGAMON 5.1
AOT-1828 Getting Started with IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
AOT-1999 Better Business Practices through Automation Integration
AOT-1826 What's New in IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
AOT-1204 Secrets revealed; how OMEGAMON for Mainframe Networks uncovers TCPIP subtleties and provides explanations.
CMD-1137 The Highly Scalable Cloud with System z BOF
AOT-2055 System Z BOF - Ask Development open forum
z Reception – Phil Weintraub and Ray Jones
AOT-1830 Getting Started Using System Automation Application Manager for Cross-Cluster, Cross-Platform Automation
AOT-1657 How Banco do Brasil is leveraging the high availability/automation of mainframe   
AOT-1831 Getting Started with IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms     
AOT-1538 Experiences automating some challenging applications with SA 3.3        
CDO-1439 How WellPoint Achieved Higher Efficiencies by Bridging Development and Operations 
AOT-1905 End-to-end Automation and Operations with SA Application Manager      
AOT-1837 Integrating Monitors and Automation for Improved Application Availability   
CDO-1737 Strategies and Technology to Support DevOps on the Mainframe: An Aetna Case Study
AOT-1906 Tivoli System Automation Resiliency for SAP Landscapes        
AOT-1822 Best Practices - Sharing your successes                  
SPM-1849 Aetna's use of TBSM to understand the delivery of Business Service Management 
AOT-1913 Modern Mainframe management with Tivoli System Automation         
AOT-1364 (Re)starting DB2 and MQSeries Subsystems           
AOT-1136 AF/Operator Users BOF                    
CPM-1598 Early Adopter Experiences with the New OMEGAMON Enhanced Capabilities
AOT-1964 What's New in IBM Tivoli NetView 6.1                
 AOT-1904 How CCB using the system automation tools            
SPM-1922 Strategies for TADDM Deployment: Discovery, Dependency Mapping and Modeling 
AOT-1484 Overview of NetView Canzlog                
AOT-1908 zEnterprise Improving Application Availability through Virtualization Support       
SPM-1717 Customer Panel: Best Practices in Managing SAP environment      
AOT-1832 Getting Started with System Automation on Open Systems: Demo Scenarios for SA for Multiplatforms and SA Application Manager 
SPM-1089 Dynamic Infrastructure and Dynamic Management: Integrated Service Management with IBM Tivoli and third party systems

So that's sessions on OMEGAMON, NetView, SA System Automation, TADDM, TBSM, just to cover a few topics.  Plus if you have an interest in other things Tivoli, you have all the other sessions at Pulse to attend. 

The event happens March 4th to 7th in Las Vegas.  If you are interested in attending, here's a link:

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