Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SA System Automation integration with the Tivoli Portal

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) is more than just an OMEGAMON thing. Many other Tivoli tools, such as the storage tools and SA System Automation also integrate within the TEP. I've been working with a customer on an availability dashboard concept for managing z/OS. One of the tools at our disposal is System Automation, and we have it integrated with the TEP.

In the example I show, we have some of the information from the SA agent, and I use that data to alert on key z/OS task availability. One aspect of task availability is to alert not only on when a task is down, but to factor in that there may be times when the task is supposed to be down (such as for maintenance, etc). The SA agent interface provides information, such as resource status, but also shows the desired status for the resource. In other words, you can alert on when the task is down, and also factor in if the task is supposed to be down.

In the example, I show part of the prototype dashboard, and I show an example situation. Here I'm looking at both the status of the resource, and the desired status. In other words, only alert if the resource is down, but it is supposed to be up (at least as far as SA knows).

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