Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn more about zEnterprise

In August and September there will be a series of events covering the zEnterprise technology. The events are complimentary.

In the 1/2 day event you can get an overview of the new system, with all its hardware and software innovations. And you can find out how zEnterprise incorporates advanced industry and workload strategies to reduce your total cost of ownership/acquisition. You will be also able to put questions to IBM and industry experts from many areas, including zEnterprise, Business Intelligence and Tivoli.

Here is a list of cities and dates:

Minneapolis, MN August 17
Houston, TX August 19
Detroit, MI September 14
Montreal, QC September 14
Ottawa, ON September 15
Columbus, OH September 16
Hartford, CT September 16
Toronto, ON September 21
Jacksonville, FL September 21
Atlanta, GA September 22
Los Angeles, CA September 22

Here is a link to register (the price is right, the event is free):

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