Thursday, October 1, 2009

Packaging changes with OMEGAMON V420s

With the advent of the V420 releases there have been some interesting changes in how OMEGAMON is being packaged. One of the key items is that the IBM Tivoli Monitoring (that's ITM - the goodies like TEMS and XE agent support) is now being packaged apart from the core OMEGAMONs.

Here is the history:
- Legacy Candle products and V3.1 OMEGAMONs bundled the required infrastructure
- V4.1 OMEGAMONs also bundled the infrastructure which had morphed into the ITM (as opposed to the older portal)
•V4.2 OMEGAMONs prereq the no charge ITM infrastructure PID (5698-A79)

Bottom line. When you install OMEGAMON you will also need 5698-A79 as a pre-req product.

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