Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMEGAMON V4.20 - Where we stand

Now that OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks V4.20 is GA, that means that all the core OMEGAMONs on z/OS (OMEGAMON z/OS, DB2, IMS, Storage, Networks), with the exception of OMEGAMON XE For CICS, are now available at the V4.20 level. OMEGAMON CICS V4.20 will be available later this year.

So the questions now become "what is the optimal time to consider migration to V4.20" and "what are the benefits of V4.20"?

As to the benefits of V4.20, each of the OMEGAMONs offers a set of enhancements in the V4.20 release. Also, you get exploitation for ITM 6.21 TEP, and more complete integration with such things as OMNIbus/Netcool for alert management. I'll post more on this at a later date.

As to the timing of when to migrate. It is possible to do a phased migration, and roll in OMEGAMON CICS later, if need be. Either way, now is a good time to start planning to upgrade.

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